Sweet frozen grapes

The perfect low calorie snack for when you're craving something sweet after a meal!

5 minutes
Per serving
0.1 g
0.9 g
0.0 g

Grapes - as many as desired

1 sachet of Hartley's sugar free jelly


Freezable container with lid


Step 1: Wash a bunch of grapes, remove them from the stem, and place in a plastic container

Step 2: Sprinkle over a sachet of Hartley's sugar free jelly, put the lid on the container, and shake until crystals are evenly distributed over all the grapes in the tub

Step 3: Put in freeze and leave for at least a couple of hours. Once frozen, take out whatever you desire at a time and enjoy!

Calories are around 4 per grape, it's up to you to decide how many you have as a serving! 4 or 5 usually is enough to hit our sweet tooth with means a perfect post dinner sweet treat for under 20 calories and under 5g of carbs!

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