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Benefits of nutrition coaching

Here’s a summary of the ways I can help you achieve your health & fitness goals:

Accountability: Going it alone can be hard whenever you’re trying to make a change in any part of your life. I’m here to keep you accountable to your health & fitness goals, answer any questions along the way, and adapt the plan if you come up against any obstacles.

Education: This isn’t about just giving you a template diet or training plan and letting you go blind into it; everything is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle. I aim to teach you the importance of understanding calories and macronutrients and help you to understand each step of the process and how it works.

Holistic approach: Occasional personal training sessions don’t often offer nutritional guidance, or consider your everyday activities & lifestyle. I take an in-depth look at all the factors needed for long term success.

Clarity: Magazines, newspapers, social media accounts, websites and many other sources we are exposed to daily, are bursting with nutrition advice – a lot of which contradicts itself on an almost daily basis. I help explain the science behind the claims and the mainstream diets and help you to understand the reasons why a basic knowledge of calories and macronutrients will help you take control of your nutrition for life.

Benefits of personal training

If you’re in the Nottingham area there is so much you can gain from 1:1 or small group personal training sessions with me:

Motivation: It’s easy to think about your health and fitness goals but starting to work towards them can be hard and overwhelming. I can help keep you motivated and offer the guidance you need - no matter what obstacles you come up against.

Improve your technique: Starting at the gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re not particularly sure what you should be doing. Be shown how to move safely & correctly and gain confidence under supervision.

Learn new exercises: Find out what movements will help you work towards your goals and be given some fun ways of incorporating them into your workouts.

Variety: Doing the same old thing in the gym can get a little old. I can help you keep your training varied, interesting and fun.

Clarity: There is so much information put out in the media about training, it can get a little confusing. I can help provide you with credible information, training direction and remove a lot of the guess work.

Achieve your fitness goals more quickly: The accountability, support and motivation I offer will help propel you to your goals!