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Any coach can study from a book, but not all coaches have had the first hand experience. At The Nutrition Plan our experience lays a solid foundation for our client success.

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Deciding to put yourself first and focus on your health can be really daunting, especially if you're faced with chiselled abs and Gym Shark perfect models all over your social media everyday.

What can make it all a little less daunting is if you know that the person you're working with has been through your struggles, has had your current mindset, and understands how confusing & overwhelming making a change can be.

I have spent various periods of my life at both ends of the scale, literally. I have been fairly uncomfortably underweight, and I have also been fairly uncomfortably overweight. I have lived through the health implications of both extremes, I have felt the frustrations, and I have lived through the reactions of people around you.

The amazing part is that I've lived through it, and learned through it, all and am now the strongest, fittest, healthiest and happiest I've ever been and I know that I can help you to be too!

The bottom end of the scale

As a child I was never skinny, and not overweight - just pretty average really. My parents were both well built and myself and my brother have heavy frames. Although I went through school at a fairly normal size (some fluctuations on the heavier side at times), I was always very conscious of my weight. In primary school I sat next to a girl who knew the calories in everything at 10 years old, then a comment my grandma made about a photo of me in a leotard at a dance competition next to my stick thin dance partner stuck with me forever. I was very aware of how people were viewed and very self conscious.

When I started university it was the first time I was out of my family home and had control over my diet, and over the first six months, weight fell off me. I was studying hard, had a couple of jobs on top of that, was playing hockey, running, and was living off drinkable yoghurts, frozen veg and egg whites - quite the diet right? Throughout my time at university I got thinner and thinner, and people around me got more and more concerned. I lost my periods, I lost a lot of hair, and I was ALWAYS freezing cold. 

And the top end...

After graduating university I went travelling on what was supposed to be a four month trip, that ended up being just shy of two years. As we travelled through Asia I lost even more weight, then stabled out once we hit Fiji and Australia. The turning point came at some point when I was working in a roadhouse in the Australian outback; I was surrounded by people drinking, eating, and partying all day every day. Whilst it was incredible fun and I had the most amazing time, my weight shot up SO fast. It wasn't uncommon in the outback to be overweight, and the lifestyle really leant itself to that. My periods came back, my hair started growing again, but I really started tipping over the other end of the scale.

As I continued my travels I continued these new habits of drinking beer, partying, not really exercising, and not really paying much attention to my general health.

I returned to England overweight and unhappy with the state I'd got myself in. 

'Experience is the teacher of all things'

- Julius Caesar

Prioritising health...

I returned from travelling to find my brother had taken up CrossFit and was in the best shape of his life. I started training with him and also signed up to do a personal training course - what better way to drag myself back into shape? From there I concentrated on my diet, got myself back into fitness, and dedicated myself to learning. As I worked my way back down the numbers on the scale I tried to record everything that helped me, motivated me, and everything I learnt that I wished I'd known before (also everything that definitely didn't help, because that's important to know too!)My experiences at both end of the scale allowed me to complete all of my personal training, fitness instructor, nutrition, and coaching qualifications with a view of every subject from two very different angles. 

5 years down the line I own a gym with my brother & a friend, I run corporate wellness programmes, and help people all over the world take control of their diet and health. There is nothing I care about more than helping as many people as possible feel confident, happy, and in at peace in their own skin. ​So if you're looking for a coach that's been there and can relate, I'd love to help you to achieve your goals. 

A whole new meaning...

The Nutrition Plan mission always meant a lot to me – I’ve spent most of my life unhappy with my weight in someway or another, and I’ve always wanted to help people avoid the same fate. The ambition of The Nutrition Plan deepened after losing my Dad in 2018 due to a heart attack.

I’d spent a huge portion of my life focused on aesthetics and helping people feel confident and happy in their bodies, but from this point on health mattered more than ever. The Nutrition Plan does not only help people look and feel great, we also help people whose current habits threaten their overall health in a more dangerous/serious way. The thought of people losing their loved ones to such an avoidable fate is something very close to my heart and helping people turn their lives around is my passion.  

If you’re looking to make a change for yourself, or if someone you love is in need of help with their nutrition or lifestyle, please get in touch – I’m waiting to help.

What do you need help with?

We have the perfect programme for you, no matter what your health & fitness goal. All programmes are suitable for everyone and 100% tailored to you personally.

Weight loss

If it seems like you’ve tried every diet and not made any progress, if you’ve been unable to maintain past results, if you’re uncomfortable, lacking confidence, or just don’t know where to start, then The Nutrition Plan can help. The internet, magazines, social media, and television, can all make fat loss seem like an unbreakable code – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Fat loss is actually very simple, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

At The Nutrition Plan we’ll explain the science of fat loss in very simple terms, and give you all the tools and support you need to succeed with your weight loss goals.

We have a range of options from 6 week programmes to ongoing coaching; you can find out more about all of the options available on the weight loss page.

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Muscle gain

If you’re looking to add mass and build a physique, The Nutrition Plan can help you to take a structured approach towards these goals.

Muscle gain programmes are COMING SOON

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If you’ve got your nutrition under control but need some help with your exercise & fitness, we have a number of training packages available. We offer personal training for those in the Nottingham area, and online coaching for people all over the world. Whether you’re completely new to the gym/fitness, or have a good training background, we’ll tailor a plan to suit you.

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