Ditch the fad diets and learn how to lose weight for life, the fun way!

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  • Your plan is 100% tailored to you
  • Real food, tailored to fit your preferences and lifestyle
  • 1:1 accountability, support & check ins
  • Habit formation that will make this a lifestyle, not a crash diet
  • No banned foods or overly restrictive rules
  • No expensive supplement stacks
  • No shaming weigh ins
  • No meal replacement shakes, pills, patches or detox teas


We have a range of options to help you with your weight loss journey depending on your time, budget, and preference.

The Nutrition Plan 6-week programme is designed to show you the importance of understanding calories and macronutrients and teach you how to achieve the results you are looking for, no matter how busy your lifestyle. By the end of the challenge you will understand why you might not have been making progress before and what it is you need to do to achieve your goals.  This programme costs less than one personal training session per week, and I guarantee this will get you closer to your weight loss goals than that one hour of training would!

What you will receive on the 6-week programme:

  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Habit formation goals
  • Guide to tracking & flexible dieting
  • Weekly check ins and adjustments
  • Access to The Nutrition Plan private Facebook group: 24/7 online community support, recipes, information
  • Tips, tricks and hacks learnt from years of experience that will make your journey much more enjoyable!
  • Nutrition coach & personal trainer at your fingertips!

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per week

If you have a big goal you want to achieve and know that you work best with accountability, then 1:1 coaching is probably for you. This can be used as a continuation of the 6 week programme, or you can start straight onto 1:1 coaching at any time - you don't need to wait for a 6 week group programme to get started. The advantage of 1:1 coaching is you can start whenever you're ready, and this is the highest level of contact and accountability to help you to your short, medium, and long term goals!

  • Detailed consultation: initial consultation form followed up with a welcome call
  • Personalised calories/macronutrient plan
  • Weekly progress check ins with photos/weight/measurements
  • Habit formation goals
  • Lifestyle adjustments: changes made when needed eg. Holidays, working away, events, injuries
  • Guide to tracking & flexible dieting
  • Access to all The Nutrition Plan resources
  • Access to The Nutrition Plan private Facebook group: 24/7 online community support, recipes, information
  • Tips, tricks and hacks learnt from years of experience that will make your journey much more enjoyable!
  • Nutrition coach & personal trainer at your fingertips!

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set up*
* no set up fee if continuing from another programme
per month

If you have completed a 6 week plan, or have achieved your goals on the lifestyle plan, you can move on to the Graduate plan. The aim of the Graduate plan is to help you to maintain your results, keep accountable, focused, and have the help you need to make changes when you have new goals.

One the Graduate plan we check in with you once per month to assess where you are currently, to set you targets for the upcoming month, discuss any challenges you're facing, and generally get you motivated to keep on track for the month ahead.

  • Initial goal setting and planning
  • Personalised calories/macronutrient plan
  • Monthly progress check ins with photos/weigh ins
  • Continued access to Facebook community groups & online resources
  • Lifestyle adjustments: changes made when needed eg. Holidays, working away, events, injuries

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per month

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

- Mark Twain
The Nutrition Plan is a completely personal service, so every experience is unique. Our personal involvement is what sets The Nutrition Plan apart, we are with you every step of the way, and always on hand to answer your questions. Read what some of our clients have to say.
"Going on the plan was the best present I ever bought myself"

The Nutrition Plan and its been amazing. You could see the difference in a week! Jules made it so easy, she’s super supportive and really knows her stuff. This is how my nutrition will stay now, I never intend to let it drift back to where it was before and I have all the tools Jules gave me to manage it.

- Donna
"I am now at my lowest weight in four years!"

The 6 week nutrition program was the first thing that has been successful for a long time. The combination of macros setting, monitoring daily food in take and exercise, submitting data on a daily basis has made this program being successful for me. Weekly check ins made me accountable to both myself and Jules which again helped me stick to this program.

- Nicky
"Jules was amazing from start to finish of The Nutrition Plan!"

Jules helped me keep on track to hit my goals and super helpful throughout the entire programme. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anybody looking to improve their nutrition.

- Simon
"I was amazed how quickly my body started to change"

I was the type of person who did loads of exercise but never lost weight and didn't feel confident with my body.
The change in diet helped me feel fuller for longer and I was still having weekly treats! My new diet has become a lifestyle and even though I am no longer on the plan I am still part of the community and I have been able to maintain my diet and weight 14 weeks on!

- Claire
"I never had to feel like I followed an uncomfortable or restrictive diet"

Over the last four months I've lost 12kg; something I wouldn't have thought possible.
Really great nutrition programme with good guidance, support and encouragement. Jules made the plan approachable and fun.

- Nsikan

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How it works

There’s no magic in it, just science, and although you may have been hoping for a magic weight loss solution unfortunately that just doesn’t exist. Have you tried those detox teas, diet patches, fat burners, weight loss aids? We’re guessing if the answer is yes, the answer to ‘did they work’ is probably no?

Weight loss is simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. That may sound odd, but weight loss essentially comes down to energy balance: calories in vs calories out. While this is a simple concept, consume less calories than you burn to lose weight, there are a lot of other factors that make this much more complicated: your understanding of calories, your environment, your emotions, your relationship with food/drink, your lifestyle, your habits, your job, your family… you get the picture.

At The Nutrition Plan we work with you to understand what is impacting your decisions around food and come up with a plan to help you work around what has previously held you back.

Yes we track your calorie/macro intake, your weight, your activity levels and lots of other data points, but we also track your mood, social events, free time, and anything else that may help/hinder your journey. A combination of the science, and the more personal aspect, allows us to achieve the best possible results with the least resistance as we’ve taken everything into account.

Why it works

The Nutrition Plan works because it is centred around you. There are plenty of template diet plans on the internet, there are plenty of healthy recipes in magazines, there are plenty of articles/Youtube videos/blogs about weight loss – but nothing takes into consideration the most important thing: YOU.

Any plan serving millions of people cannot account for your circumstances, and without regular feedback/check ins that plan can’t change based on the results you’re getting. The Nutrition Plan adapts to your progress and your feedback, you will never be left feeling like you aren’t getting results, or wondering why things are/aren’t happening.

The combination of science, experience, and personal feedback give The Nutrition Plan programmes the edge.


How often do I get to speak to you?

I will be in contact with you every week on most programmes. The graduate plan we will check in once per month, but you can message with your questions or queries any time!

I’ve never tracked calories before, can I still work with you?

Yes of course. I'm here to teach you everything you need to know about calories, macros and energy balance so that you can take control of your health

Will I be given a set meal plan?

No, you will be given ideas, recipes, inspiration and tools to make your own meal plan if you want one but once you start tracking you might find you don’t need one.

I’m vegan/vegetarian, can I still work with you?

Yes, I work with all dietary requirements, allergies & intolerances.

I’m super busy, will I have time to do this?

Yes, I’m here to show you that no matter how busy life gets you do have time to be in control of your nutrition and achieve your goals.

Healthy recipes for weight loss

Workouts for
weight loss

As energy balance (calories in vs calories out) is the foundation of weight loss, adding workouts into your plan to expend some extra calories will help you along the way!

Adding in exercise also helps clients to achieve the end result they’re looking for: we regularly get asked ‘how to tone up’, but that ‘toned’ look is just having muscle and lower body fat.

The Nutrition Plan is affiliated to Compound Strength & Conditioning & Nottingham Weightlifting Club, so if you’re local to Nottingham it’s worth checking those out to get some training in. We’re constantly expanding our library of home workouts for our remote clients and we can check over form & technique in check ins if clients wish.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Genuinely feel like this knowledge could be life changing!"

- Emily

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