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Sausages are firmly on the menu with Heck!
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Product overview

Heck provide an amazing range of low calorie sausages, burgers, and plant-based options! With incredible macros, and great availability in supermarkets, these are a must have!

Why choose this

Low calorie, high protein, low fat, easy to find at your local supermarket!

Suggested use

We love chucking a couple of the sausages in with a low calorie fry up, or having them cold in the fridge for an easy high protein snack!

Nutritional information

For the Chicken Italia, per 2 sausages: 76 calories, 13g protein, 0.9g carbs, 2.3g fat


Milk, Pea flour

Heck sausages have been a Nutrition Plan favourite since day one! Their range keeps getting bigger and better, but we still love their staple range of chicken sausages! Take the classic Chicken Italia for example, with just 76 calories per 2 sausages and an amazing 13g of protein we'd have these with every meal! Not only are they high protein, but 2 sausages only cost you 0.9g carbohydrates and 2.3g of fat - compare that to a normal sausage and you'll be amazed!

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