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Product overview

Yep, we are talking about buying egg white in a bottle/tub! Once you know, you know, egg whites are an amazing low calorie way to boost your protein intake without huge amounts more calories.

Why choose this

Low calorie, high protein, easy to use!

Suggested use

Add to your omelettes/scrambled eggs to create more volume for lower calories! Chuck in your oats, pancakes or smoothies for an extra protein boost!

Nutritional information

Per 100ml egg white: 48 cals, 10.9g protein, 0.8g carbs, 0g fat



Egg whites are a super versatile product and one we always have in the fridge! We love to add 150ml to 1 whole egg to make high volume, low calorie, scrambled egg, and use the same principal to make bigger/lower calorie omelettes. Egg whites are probably the best product for supplying lots of protein without a lot of calories!

We also love to add egg whites to our morning oats to give them a boost of protein, you can find our high protein oats recipe here

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