Myprotein Flavdrops

These little bottles pack a whole load of flavour, for zero calories!
Low calorie
Low carb
Brings flavour!




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Product overview

These low calorie flavour drops are a great way to bring flavour to your food! Add a couple of drops to your morning oats, your natural yoghurt, or smoothies and enjoy the enhanced flavour! These little bottles go along way, and we pretty much have them all in our cupboard... just incase!

Why choose this

Low calorie, makes your diet food a little more exciting!

Suggested use

Add a couple of drops to your oats, smoothies, yoghurts, or water!

Nutritional information

Zero calories literally means zero calories! These won't chip away at your daily calories/macros!



These tiny bottles of flavour from Myprotein are staples for us! Just a few drops added into your food/drink can make a big difference to the flavour! If you love syrups in coffee, try these instead and save yourself all of the calories and sugar! Mix up your natural yoghurt with a different flavour every day, and throw in your smoothies for a different taste each morning! We can't get enough of these flavdrops, and for the price we can't recommend them enough!

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